HiBall is not only an intelligent Kegel exercise device that uniquely and scientifically designed to restore pelvic muscle tone, strength and control. It is also an app-controlled multi-power and multi-pattern love egg! HiBall follows Kegel exercise principles and uses the world's first three-dimensional stress testing technology. The Smart HiBall App (Available for both iOS and Andriod devices) can analyze four dimensional data (Grip strength. Explosive power, Persistence, Repeatability), The Smart App will guide you to finish Kegel exercise more effectively and efficiently and more fun to archive the ultimate results in shortperiod of time. The Smart app's innovative and interactive way of training make Kegel exercises so fun and rewarding.

R & D Team

Under the leadership of Mr. Degang Lin, a member of the Chinese Society of Sexology, founder of Chunshuitang Company, the research team members include intelligent hardware engineers, industrial designers, obstetricians and gynecologists, materials research and development staff, full-time experiencing staff. Also, we would like to thank the many part-time experiencing staff who contributed to the revision of HIBALL.research lasted for 12 months, and it was redesigned eight times, and reached the market in September 2014 in a perfect manner.

Since the birth of human beings, women have been unable to escape the troubled post-natal relaxation. Now, Hiball team tells you ---- tightening private part is very easy.

Development experts

Product R&D chief expert:Xiaonian Ma

Department of Sexology,Yuquan Hospital of Tsinghua University, Chief physician. Since 1996, he was engaged in clinical and research work of sexual medicine. Through the contact with more than 20,000 patients in clinical diagnosis and treatment, he accumulated rich practical experience. He is a scientific and technical staff with thespecial allowance of the State Council. Currently, he is a Chief physician in Department of Sexology, Yuquan Hospital of Tsinghua University. In 1969, he was graduated from Department of Medicine from Beijing Medical University. In 1981, he was graduated from the Basic Research Institute of the Chinese Peking Union Medical University and received his Master Degree of Medicine. Since 1993, he has received qualification certificates from the American sexology therapist Commission for three consecutive times, and he was the only doctor from mainland China to get this honor. As one of the chiefeditor of ‘Modern Sexology’ (first edition), the book won Progress Award of the Ministry of Health Science and Technology in 1998; he is the chief editor of ‘Modern Sexology’ (second edition). During 30 years, he has edited, co-edited or translated 68 kinds of professional and popular science books, published 46 papers and reviewed articles published over 5000 scientific articles, edited and taught over 30 videos or CDs on medicine and sex. Currently, he becames vice chairman of the Society of Sexology, and vice president of the World Association of Chinese Sexologists and vice president of the Beijing Sexual Health Education Research。